Unusual Rock Formations of Slovakia

Mária Bizubová


volume: 26
year: 2017
issue: 3
fulltext: PDF

online publishing date: 31/10/2017
DOI: 10.14712/25337556.2017.3.3
ISSN (Online): 2533-7556

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The paper presents some of the unusual rock formations of Slovakia, which are among the passive morphostructures. Morphostructures are relief features created by the interaction of endogenous and exogenous processes, with the dominant role of tectonic movements. Passive forms of morphostructures are significantly influenced by structural-lithological characteristics of the rocks the structures are formed of. Their current appearance reflects the transformation of geological structures that have lost mobility. Geomorphological characteristics of rocks are important in forming passive morphostructures. Passive morphostructures form a structural type of relief or structural georelief. Structural georelief is characterized by frequent occurrence of many rocks forms of georelief of various shapes, such as nappe wrecks, cliffs, rock walls, rock parade, rock towers, rock needles, quest, dissected supply channels of volcano (necks) lava flows in the inverse position and others. Many of these objects may be suitable not only for the educational process in the school, but especially for experiential learning in nature associated with a variety of outdoor activities.


morphostrukture, passive morphostructure, rock arch, rock needle, mushroom rock

fulltext (PDF )



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