Author Guidelines

Please send your unpublished contributions to . Please be sure to include your full affiliation with your home institution and email contact; if there are multiple authors, mark one as a correspondent.

Contributions are accepted in Czech, Slovak and English. The editorial office reserves the right to reject the paper if it deems that the paper does not meet the basic requirements of a professional text, is too extensive, or deviates significantly from the thematic focus of the journal. The editors may recommend the authors make linguistic, formal and content modifications before submitting the paper for the review procedure.

Manuscripts are reviewed by two independent reviewers. The title, keywords and abstract (min. 1,200 characters) must be translated into English (in the case of an English manuscript in Czech, so that we can display both language versions on the website). Use only basic formatting.

In the case of contributions using biological nomenclature, please provide a reference systematic work used for harmonization of the nomenclature.
Internet links are often complementary to contributions. With the exception of short and easy-to-read URLs, please use the tool and insert only shortened links – making it easier for readers of the printed version to rewrite the URL into the browser.

Always send images and objects from other applications (e.g., charts from MS Excel) as separate files (not embedded in a text editor). The required resolution is at least 300 dpi at 15 cm wide. Prepare the charts in black and white; the legend should be placed vertically. Exceptions are tables that you create directly in Word and wish to keep as part of the main document.

Include the label and source of the illustration in your preferred text, along with a clear reference to the name of the attached file; remember to obtain permission to publish the material (see below).

Always edit the manuscript after reviews in “Track Changes” mode and then send it as a document with visible corrections.

We offer authors the opportunity to publish original data or additional materials in the form of an electronic appendix.

The author is responsible for the linguistic correctness of the paper. The text of the paper and the attachments used are the original work of the author; if this is not the case, the author's consent to the publication and license terms must be attached.

The publication process in the journal is subject to ethical rules published on a separate page.

Citation Style

Citation in the text should always be in the form (Surname, year); for the reference list (bibliography), the preferred citation model is the American Psychological Association’s 7th edition (APA).

Examples of citations in the text: (“AIDGAP series,” 2012; Dostál, 1992; Ehler et al., 2011; Kubát et al., 2002; Rosypal, 1992; Suk et al., 2013; Svatá, 2008)


AIDGAP series. (2012). In Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Dostál, P. (1992). Jednoduchá pomůcka k určování rostlin. Biologie-Chemie-Zeměpis, 1(4), 167–170.

Ehler, E., Vaněk, D., Stenzl, V., & Vančata, V. (2011). Y-chromosomal diversity of the Valachs from the Czech Republic: Model for isolated population in Central Europe. Croatian Medical Journal, 52(3), 358.

Kubát, K., Hrouda, L., Chrtek jun., J., Kaplan, Z., Kirschner, J., Kubát, K., & Štěpánek, J. (Eds.). (2002). Klíč ke květeně České republiky (1st ed.). Academia.

Rosypal, S. (1992). Fylogeneze, systém a biologie organismů (1. vyd). Státní pedagogické nakladatelství.

Suk, T., Flusser, J., & Novotný, P. (2013). Comparison of Leaf Recognition by Moments and Fourier Descriptors. Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, 221–228.

Svatá, B. (2008). Kultura pěšího poznávání. Naučné stezky jako koláž místa [Diplomová práce]. Univerzita Karlova.

Copyright and Conflict of Interest Notice

Authors who publish in this journal agree with the following points:

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