Avian skeleton and its characteristics

Jan Řezníček


volume: 26
year: 2017
issue: 2
fulltext: PDF

online publishing date: 30/6/2017
DOI: 10.14712/25337556.2017.2.6
ISSN (Online): 2533-7556

Licence Creative Commons
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The article describes skeleton features of the avian species. It is aimed at specifc features, developed solely at the avian skeleton. Te article mentions some features of the dinosaur taxon, especially those that distinguish the birds and the dinosaurs. Te article emphasizes the evolutionary trend of the birds, where the structural schematics of the skeleton trends towards three features present only in the avian species. Tese features are: 1) short tail with no muscles, 2) strongly developed pectoral muscles and V-shaped clavicle bone (furcula), 3) specifc built of legs that are primarily used for running.


avian skeleton, characteristics

fulltext (PDF )



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